Computing Contact Problems with Self-Conforming Hybrid Materials

Realize a novel hybrid material that self-conforms around an object of interest as a physical route for computing and reporting the object’s shape.

Resilient Extraterrestrial Habitats

Developing smart autonomous deep space habitats that will adapt, absorb and rapidly recover from disruptions.

Using data science to discover materials with extreme properties.

Discovery of high-temperature, oxidation resistant, complex, concentrated alloys via data science driven multi-resolution experiments and simulations.

Physics-Informed LeaRnIng for Multiscale Systems (PILgRIMS)

Baking known physics into machine learning algorithms.

Sociotechnical Systems to Enable Smart and Connected Energy-Aware Residential Communities

Incentivizing subsidized communities to consume less energy.

Design of electric machines with manufacturing uncertainties

Development of computational tools for electric machine design including manufacturing uncertainties.

Efficient Algorithms for Ultra-fast Detection of Power System Contingencies in the Transient Regime.

Ultra-fast detection of faults in the power grid.

A Theoretical Framework for Understanding Strategic Behavior in Systems Engineering

Understanding how incentive misalignment affects the design of complex systems.

Understanding Information Acquisition Decisions in Systems Design through Behavioral Experiments and Bayesian Analysis

Learning to replicate how engineers solve complex problems.

Human-centered Systems for Cyber-enabled Sustainable Buildings

Understanding thermal and visual comfort in high-performance buildings.